Rohingya Boy on Bigbury Beach

This work documents my final project for an MA in Fine Art at Arts University Plymouth, submitted in August 2022. Drawing on a decade of experience in the field of human rights activism, I am interested in empathy and the lack of it. What makes us connect with the suffering of some people and not others? Can art bridge empathy gaps between the most privileged and the most persecuted? This painting places the plight of the Rohingya people, who are undergoing genocide, here in my local Devon landscape, inviting discussion on the global crisis of mass human displacement.

Jamila Hanan


Artist in residence based at The Clay Factory on the edge of Dartmoor, I am a socially engaged practitioner working publicly to invite discussion and to bring together a creative community as a vessel for collective empathy.

I hope through my art to share a spirit of compassion, understanding and restoration. I founded Artmoor Haven, a community interest company, to promote wellbeing through creativity. I believe that having a creative outlet can help us to be more effective in facing and solving difficult problems in our lives and in the world. To join me on a creative wellbeing workshop visit

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